We’re still working on developing this resource page to help those who want to learn how to develop and create for VR. If you have any must-know educational and informative articles or resources, please let us know!


Featured Made-in-Vancouver Resources

VR Dev School
A comprehensive paid tutorial on using Unity3D and C# code to script vital actions needed to create VR games and apps


Unity3D Game Engine

General Unity3D Tutorials – A comprehensive and well made set of tutorials on how to use the Unity3D engine. Often a great place to start for the basics – A collection of free video series from Brackeys on making a Unity3D game using C# code – A polished video series detailing how to achieve various game-related tasks in Unity3D – A few tutorials on using C# to code games, including a great beginners course

Unity3D Playmaker Tutorials – An excellent paid tutorial that details the entire process of creating a 3D platforming game using Unity3D and Playmaker. Very fun and informative! – A really well spoken set of tutorials on using Playmaker to perform important game actions using Unity3D – A set of tutorials and actions for using VRTK with Playmaker

SteamVR and HTC Vive Tutorials – An overview of how to set up a VR scene nd code basic C# functionality like teleportation and object interaction – A brief series on the challenges and techniques of creating VR avatars in Unity3D

Tools and Other Resources – The github directory for VRTK: a powerful toolbox for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift development in Unity3D

General Game Development Resources

Game Design Topics – A GDC talk about game finding core game mechanics and re-contextualizing those mechanics in creative ways – An excellent collection of videos about a variety of topics surrounding modern game design – An SGC talk about the pipeline for creating an adventure game

General GameDev Assets – An extensive list of free/paid assets, software and information about interactive media

Game AI – A fun examination and explanation of the latest in video game AI techniques, along with few tutorials – A GDC talk about how to create AIs that don’t centre around combat and traditional gameplay mechanics


Narrative Design Resources and Tools – A free tool for writing branching, interactive narratives – A website observing the tools and trends of real time cinematic rendering and creation using game engines – An article about new, emergant structures of narrative storytelling using systems rather than linear branches