June is filled with rainbows and goodness!

Vancouver VR Community supports Pride Month While Vancouver doesn’t have its own Pride Parade until Sunday, August 6th later this summer, our community wants to stand up and support Pride Month. In our virtual reality community, we are passionate about hearing everyone’s voice. We believe everyone has something to say, … [Read more]

Community Member Spotlight – Dr. Ray Hsu

We are continuing our member spotlight series with a key speaker for REVOLUTION 2017: Engaging Human Creativity, taking time and place tomorrow, Thursday June 8th at the VSO School of Music and The Annex. If you haven’t already, you can register here. Who is this speaker? Let’s find out! Thanks … [Read more]

Gathering #2: Lightning Talks! – Announced!

That was a lot of exclamation marks – but hey, we’ve got Lightning Talks! And this is just announced! We think our excitement is justified, and we hope you’re excited too. Last month, all of you brought your passion and enthusiasm. We were so happy with the turn out, but … [Read more]

Vancouver VR Community Monthly Recap – May 2017 Edition

This month was a heck of a ride for the local community from major announcements to the newly minted YVRFF to the return of CVR. Our community hosted its first event at Radical.io and in less than a week, the max capacity attendance and enthusiasm floored our team. We’re excited … [Read more]

Community Member Spotlight – Rhys Patterson

A few weeks ago, we met the woman behind CVR, and today we’re meeting with Rhys Patterson, a software engineer who is starting to create and develop for VR. We are so passionate and interested in how VR as a medium is going to be shaped by all sorts of … [Read more]

Gathering #1: The Alpha Beta Session – Announced!

It was so awesome to see some familiar faces from our Facebook Group, Discord, and our Twitter at CVR 2017. Even some of our friends that we met on Reddit were all the way from Beirut and hugs and high fives were given! A lot of us forge wonderful friendships … [Read more]

Community Member Spotlight – Anne-Marie Enns

We feel like the community knows a lot about our team, but it’s time that we hand the mic to you. Every couple of weeks, we hope to showcase our community members in our new “Community Member Spotlight” series. Whether you’re a VR enthusiast just getting into VR, or if … [Read more]