Comm before the storm

Is this thing on? (Yes.) For the last few weeks, our team has been working nearly every free moment away from our jobs and contracts to create a working, inclusive, accessible platform for the Vancouver VR Community. Our goal is to promote, foster, and introduce VR technology to folks of … [Read more]

Vancouver VR Community Mega Summer Recap 2018 (July, August)

As Drake always said, “if you’re reading this, we made it”, and Vancouver we did it: We made it through the smokiness from the forest fires We made it through Traction Conference, SIGGRAPH 2018, and all the weddings We were HELLA productive Don’t believe us? Read on! Vancouver VR Community … [Read more]

Vancouver VR Community Monthly Recap – May 2018 Edition

Things are starting to heat up here behind the scenes with the VancouVR Fair organization team. Vancouver is starting to wake up from our usual Vancouver months of rain, and there’s a lot happening in the city in the upcoming months. Let’s have a look at the happenings! Vancouver VR … [Read more]

Return of the VANVR!

Huge thank you to Launch Academy for hosting our first event of the year! We are so thankful that Steampunk Digital also surprised us with a generous feast of Stretch Pizza – a local favourite. On 04.04.18 (we sort of planned the date on purpose), we had packed the space … [Read more]

Vancouver VR Community Monthly Recap – February 2018 Edition

Yesterday we announced something that has been brewing behind the scenes for the last month: the Vancouver VR Community has officially merged with VANVR’s Meetup and Slack! As major advocates for collaboration, we’re excited to lead by example by working together, and playing by our strengths to bring VR to … [Read more]

Vancouver VR Community has merged with VANVR!

HELP SHAPE THE COMMUNITY! Tell us what you love about VANVR and the Vancouver VR Community. Tell us where you want us to focus our efforts, what you think could be improved. And of course, we are always looking for community champions! Fill out this short survey today! Welcome to … [Read more]