8Bit Goose Games

Archiact VR

Blueprint Reality

Charm Games

Chuck Bergeron

Cloudhead Games

Coal Car Studio Ltd.

Cognitive VR

Emerald Activities

Eyemole Arts and Technology Co-operative



Mythical City Games

Northway Games

Orange Bridge Studios

PixelStrike Games

Polygon Dust

Radial Games

Space Bullet Corp

Stambol Studios

Steampunk Digital

Virtro Entertainment


Mobile apps

Conquer Mobile

Morfus VR


360 Film / Visual / VFX / Asset Creation

Perspective Films

Hammer & Tong

Go2 Productions

DWOR Media Studio


LNG Studios


Audio & Sound Design

Adrian Talens

A Shell in the Pit

Postal Audio


Education / Instruction

Academy of VR

Immersive Technology Lab

VR Dev School


Bloggers / News / Podcasts

Hammer & Tusk (weekly VR vlogs and newsletters)
YouTube / Newsletter

M. Lovecraft (focused on VR reviews, and learning Unity dev)

Geoff Peters (focused on mobile, and 360 video content)


Twitch Streamers / YouTubers

Content Lab – Stream House

Emerald Activities


Go Boss Gaming

Guy Judge


Hail Kira (Vive Let’s Play)

Kial Natale (Hololens Actiongram)

Happy Console Gamer Show (PSVR reviews)



Conventions / Events:

VRARA Global Summit 2018

Vancouver Virtual Reality Film Festival


Open to public:

Vancouver VR/AR/MR Community (MeetUp)

Vancouver HoloLens User Group (MeetUp)

YVR Mixed Reality MeetUp (MeetUp)

Virtual Reality Game Developers (MeetUp)

International Centre of Arts and Technology


Invite required:

UBC VR/AR Working Group

VR/AR Association – Vancouver Chapter


VRcades / Booths

Mobile Virtual Reality Entertainment Centre

DWOR Media Studio

Breakout VR


VR Funtastic World

VRTOGO Events Inc.

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