8Bit Goose Games

Archiact VR

Blueprint Reality

Charm Games

Chuck Bergeron

Cloudhead Games

Coal Car Studio Ltd.

Cognitive VR

Emerald Activities

Eyemole Arts and Technology Co-operative



Mythical City Games

Northway Games

Orange Bridge Studios

PixelStrike Games

Polygon Dust

Radial Games

Space Bullet Corp

Steampunk Digital

Virtro Entertainment


Mobile apps

Conquer Mobile

Morfus VR


360 Film / Visual / VFX / Asset Creation

Perspective Films

Hammer & Tong

Go2 Productions

DWOR Media Studio


LNG Studios


Audio & Sound Design

Adrian Talens

A Shell in the Pit

Postal Audio


Education / Instruction

Academy of VR

Immersive Technology Lab

VR Dev School


Bloggers / News / Podcasts

Hammer & Tusk (weekly VR vlogs and newsletters)
YouTube / Newsletter

M. Lovecraft (focused on VR reviews, and learning Unity dev)

Geoff Peters (focused on mobile, and 360 video content)


Twitch Streamers / YouTubers

Content Lab – Stream House

Emerald Activities


Go Boss Gaming

Guy Judge


Hail Kira (Vive Let’s Play)

Kial Natale (Hololens Actiongram)

Happy Console Gamer Show (PSVR reviews)



Conventions / Events:

VRARA Global Summit 2018

Vancouver Virtual Reality Film Festival


Open to public:

Vancouver VR/AR/MR Community (MeetUp)

Vancouver HoloLens User Group (MeetUp)

YVR Mixed Reality MeetUp (MeetUp)

Virtual Reality Game Developers (MeetUp)

International Centre of Arts and Technology


Invite required:

UBC VR/AR Working Group

VR/AR Association – Vancouver Chapter


VRcades / Booths

Mobile Virtual Reality Entertainment Centre

DWOR Media Studio

Breakout VR


VR Funtastic World

VRTOGO Events Inc.

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