Mission statement

We are Storytellers and Readers.
We are Lovers and Fighters.
We are PC and Mac, and also Consoles. (Yep.)
We are Room-Scale and Seated. And Mobile too.
We celebrate our diversity.

We are the Vancouver VR Community.

The Vancouver VR Community (short form VanVR) is the best in the west inclusive virtual reality collective comprised of VR enthusiasts, evangelists, and creators. We want to hear from folks of all different levels and interests. Our goal is to share our work and thoughts, actively promote diversity, and to create an enriched discourse on VR, making Vancouver a premiere flagship virtual reality hub in Canada.

In 2018, The Vancouver VR Community merged with the VanVR Meetup. VanVR was established in 2013, and introduced technical workshops and socials around VR – this Meetup started it all, and we are so excited to bring two specialized and diverse teams together.

If you are a/n:

  • Aspiring VR developer
  • Someone who loves to learn and help others
  • Student
  • Artist, Designer, Musician
  • Programmer
  • Games enthusiast
  • Filmmaker
  • Just curious about what VR is all about

… Then we want you to hang out with us as we adventure through this exciting emergence of technology!


Our format

Our format changes regularly! We organize events, encouraging others to share what they’re working on, or loving in the VR world. Our format is casual: we begin with a roundtable of introductions and updates, and then onto just hanging out for some VR demos and banter. RSVP to our events on Facebook and MeetUp!

When we aren’t able to host an event, join us in our Facebook group, or Slack and Discord server (chat) to ask any questions, or promote what you’re working on. We’d love to see what other locals are up to! Our moderator channel is also completely transparent, where you can become involved with decision making, or add your suggestions and input.

See our Code of Conduct.


What community platforms does this team manage?

Currently our team manages the following:

If you would like to take on another platform and work with us, let us know! If this format isn’t exactly your thing, that’s cool too – we’re still happy to hear about what kind of projects and events your group is hosting so that we can help promote it with you. It’s about time we all know about each other, so we can help support each other!


Our team


Press kit

We have a small press kit that includes downloadable web-friendly images for your website and/or social media, along with a short document that outlines our history, goals, hashtags, and team.


Special thanks

Special thank you to: Jordan, Eva, and Trond at Seattle VR, and to Cy at VR Austin for lending their badass wisdom, and tried/tested/true resources; JJ and the Indiepod crew for their inspiration and kindness; Kial of Megasteakman and Chuck for the beautiful logo and wordmark work; and of course, to you – this community wouldn’t exist without you!