Vancouver VR Community Mega Summer Recap 2018 (July, August)

As Drake always said, “if you’re reading this, we made it”, and Vancouver we did it:

  • We made it through the smokiness from the forest fires
  • We made it through Traction Conference, SIGGRAPH 2018, and all the weddings
  • We were HELLA productive

Don’t believe us? Read on!

Vancouver VR Community (VANVR) News

This recap is a special one. As some of you already know, we’re a small team and we’re happy that each of us were involved in some major projects this summer. Adrian Talens was invited by Wacom to showcase a proof of concept in their new VR integrated toolset; and Kial and Melissa were on the organizing committee for SIGGRAPH 2018 Business Symposium in addition to creating Steampunk Digital’s latest sizzle reel.

And last but not least – Aaron Hilton, founder of VANVR has announced that he will be moving away to Japan for two years! Our community will be losing a lot of talent, kindness, and leadership from Aaron – but things are looking so bright for Steampunk Digital and we’re excited to see Aaron in future VR events. It’s not a good-bye, it’s a see you later!

If you missed our joint event with The Cube, have a look at this ridiculous surprise good-bye video from our team to Aaron:

In other news, we are excited to be back in the event circuit starting in October – stayed tuned for more information! We’ll also be hosting our annual VR Diversity event on November 21st at Mobify. Save the date! if you would like to be involved (volunteers, guest speakers, demoing your project, sponsorship, organizing team) please email us at:

The countdown is on for EVASION from Archiact

The EVASION team has been keeping their cards close for a few months, but have been hitting heavy since May. First, a major announcement outlining the release on PlayStation VR, a look at lore and backstory, and deep dives on each hero class on major PlayStation publication, PlayStation Lifestyle!:

Evasion is available on October 9th on most major VR platforms: Steam, PS VR, and Oculus Store. Congratulations to the Evasion team, and be sure to keep track of one of Vancouver’s biggest VR projects on Twitter and Facebook.

NIGHTSTAR: Alliance now has LEGO-like ship building

The team over at Tiny Leviathan released a major update to NIGHTSTAR: Alliance including a LEGO-like ship building mechanic, and other quality of life changes. Full notes here. Be sure to join their Discord server, and check out the game on Steam while you’re at it too.

Charm Games reveals the official teaser trailer for Twilight Path

From the award-winning developers of FORM, Charm Games is ready to show off a little bit more on what they’re working on! Be sure to follow the team on Twitter as they’re showing off a lot of great (and inspiring!) artwork, and screenshots as they’re moving along in development.

Adrian Talens tries out Wacom’s conceptual VR tools

Co-founder of the Vancouver VR Community, and specialized sound designer for VR – Adrian Talens takes a look at Wacom’s progress on working with a VR workflow for creators. Interested? Be sure to comment on the post on Facebook (linked above), or start up a conversation on Twitter.

Congrats to Microsoft’s Transformation Mask at SIGGRAPH

Andy Klein and the Transformation Mask team was at SIGGRAPH 2018’s Art Gallery. Did you get a chance to check it out?

Steampunk Digital releases a sizzle reel

Directed, filmed, and edited by Melissa and Kial of the VANVR team – they worked extensively with Aaron Hilton to ensure that the reel reflected Aaron’s points of inspiration, and of course his brilliant work!

Virtro’s MEGA update

The Virtro Team has been working hard this Summer – time stops for no immersive tech company. When you’re working with bleeding-edge technology, we’re on REAL time to keep innovating and developing. With the addition of the gaining speed as it approaches its Fall season cohort, it’s all (virtual) systems go in the run up to Christmas!

Here’s some company highlights from this Summer:

Our Language-Learning AI and VR experience, Argotian, has been gathering momentum and we’ve implemented some new changes:

  • First 30 characters created
  • Implementation of AI driven interactions
  • Character integration with the world
  • Vocabulary – 2 mini game prototypes up and running
  • Conversational fluency engine created
  • Argotian current languages: English, French and German

Platform Z
The VRAR Academy students have been working hard these past weeks on their VR Zombie Escape Room Experience, Platform Z. A multiplayer, collaborative, the game combines an escape room style quest with the addition of creepy, larger than life zombies (even a ‘Zombie Dog’)!

  • Multiplayer collaborative
  • 1st mission prototype in Alpha mode
  • Procedural environment
  • Voice over IP – Communicate with other players
  • Alpha testers required

No Horizon
Experience the thrill of a flight simulator FPS in VR! Explore outer space, push your flying skills to the limit, launch missiles, all with you in the driving seat!

  • Launching a new PVP mode
  • IN-GAME VOICE CHAT. Now grab your friends for the space rides of your lives!

The Station
The Station is a first-person sci-fi mystery set on a space station sent to study a sentient alien civilization. Assuming the role of a recon specialist, players must unravel a mystery which will decide the fate of two civilizations.

Virtro have collaborated with creators of The Station to bring the game from PC to VR.
First submission to PSVR Oculus mid September

Visit to sign up to receive information of when the experience will be launched on VR App Stores.

Try out Metanaut’s GADGETEER

From co-founder/CEO Peter Kao:

We’ve been hard at work with our new VR game, Gadgeteer (formerly called Ruberg). The goal of the game is to build and/or solve fun puzzles by building Rube Goldberg machines. More about it here:

I’d love for you to come try out Gadgeteer and give us your thoughts on it! We promise not to take too much of your time (30-mins only).

If you’re interested, please pick as many time slots as possible from here: so I can try to schedule everyone in on the same day. I’ll send you a separate email confirming your time a few days after.

Recently posted jobs / opportunities in VR

  • CadMakers is working to bring next generation immersive VR experiences to the construction, engineering, and fabrication industry. Engineers design for the real 3D world, so it is only natural that they should also have tools that let them design in a 3D world. Our goal is to accelerate engineering projects and reduce costs for clients in both the design and construction phase. We are also hiring!
  • Fire-point Interactive is looking for a Junior Frontend Software Engineer to design and
    implement technical solutions for VR. As an entry-level developer, the Junior Frontend Software Engineer is competent in object-oriented programming best practices, and is proficient in C# and 3D. The Junior Frontend Software Engineer will gain experience developing UI systems, shaders, gameplay features, and other aspects of game development. Contact to apply or want to learn more.
  • The VR/AR Global Summit is looking for volunteers! The VR/AR Global Summit is the premiere marketplace and conference for industry leaders in immersive technology content, knowledge, and creation. Now in it’s 3rd year, The VR/AR Global Summit will bring together the most intriguing and innovative leaders in VR/AR/MR. Hardware developers, content creators, big brands, manufacturers and designers will gather to learn, share and discuss advancements in the industry. Collaboration spaces, hands on workshops, real conversations, Keynotes, presentations, marketplace and events will bring everyone together to shape the future. Complete this volunteer application form. If selected, you’ll be sent info on how to join a group interview on Google Chat.

What’s coming up in September?

VRARA Global Summit has announced their lineup

The VR/AR Global Summit will welcome world-class speakers to their conference and expo in Vancouver, Canada on Sept 21-22, 2018. The Summit brings together world leaders to discuss the present and future of immersive technologies. The event will feature two full days of talks, panels, workshops, investor events, pitchfest and demos that cover the entire immersive industry, including both commercial and enterprise VR and AR.

Speakers at the conference include representation from Unity Technologies, Google, Ford, Forbes, Bell Flight, The Pentagon and Holiday Inn, plus many more. Topics to be discussed and explored at the event include education, 5G technology, robotics, blockchain, location based entertainment, esports, retail, uses of VR and AR in training, mixed reality and immersive tech in the music industry, AI and virtual humans, to name a few.

Tickets are on sale for the Summit. Save 30% on limited discounted tickets by using promo code PR30.

The VR/AR Global Summit will take place from Sept 21-22, 2018 at the newly launched Parq Vancouver, a casino and entertainment complex in Vancouver Canada. The event will also feature creative hubs, demos, exhibits, breakouts and amazing VIP events. It will showcase the best, and most interesting projects, that the industry has to offer.

For press inquiries or for more information please visit the website at

In Vancouver on September 20th?

… then join us for an evening of immersive demos from cutting-edge startups, a panel conversation with XR industry leaders, and mixing with other women and allies!

Join us at The Cube in Vancouver on 9/20 to kick off the VR/AR Global Summit for a professional event hosted by Accenture and the WXR Fund. All allies are encouraged to participate in this lively and inclusive environment—with everyone gathering together over a shared passion for immersive tech.

Featured speakers include: Raffaella Camera – Accenture, Jean Luo – Snap, Inc.; Amy LaMeyer – VR AR AI Investor & Advisor and WXR Mentor.

Feel free to share this WXR Fund event with like-minded folks (*PASSWORD WXR15), and please RSVP to reserve your spot ASAP as space is limited:

Telepresence by Kiran Bhumber and Nancy Lee ft. JP Carter on September 28

Telepresence by Kiran Bhumber and Nancy Lee ft. JP Carter
Integrated Motion Studio, Emily Carr University
September 28, 4-7pm

Telepresence is a Virtual Realty experience created by sound and media artists Kiran Bhumber and Nancy Lee, and featuring Vancouver-based trumpet player JP Carter. Telepresence seeks to redefine conventions of the concert setting by reversing the hierarchy between visual and audio elements within a virtual performance environment. The virtual reality experience utilizes volumetric filmmaking techniques, generative and animated visualizations. However, unlike traditional VR, the audience will be united through a sound world that consists of a live instrumental performance diffused through a brand new octophonic speaker system. Repeat performances on December 14, 8pm at Western Front – stay tuned for more info.