Vancouver VR Community Monthly Recap – June 2018 Edition

It’s been hectic behind the scenes here with the Vancouver VR Community team – things are starting to heat up for us and the rest of the city! Let’s see how things are coming to a real simmer!

Vancouver VR Community News

We are happy to announce that VancouVR Fair 2018 was a success! Our hopes and goals of introducing the research world into industry applications was accomplished with many attendees and presenters, heading home with meaningful connections. It’s amazing thing to see. VR technology is collaborative and we need to keep working together. Congrats to all our showcase guests for all their hard work! Take a look at the recap video below!

And hey, not everything is a success straight away: our team has worked tirelessly on improving our events, one after another. We hosted a tournament for our very first time and wanted all the bells and whistles. While the tournament was well-received, there’s a few things we need to evaluate on the drawing board before we host another. Don’t be worried, though! It looks like our supporting partners at Vancouver Street Battle are happy to fill the tournament void while we figure out a spectator configuration that is reliable.

Congrats to Antony for his win at the first EVER VRMAGEDDON!

One last thing: some members of our team have joined the Organizing Committee for SIGGRAPH 2018 Business Symposium. We have a SIGGRAPH discount code for our #VANVR members. Feel free to get in touch with us if you’d like the discount code!

June Highlights

Vancouver’s VRcades are in FULL FORCE!

Breakout VR is officially under new management and offering LIMITED discounts if you bring your posse! Details below:

In addition to Breakout VR making some new improvements, Evolve Virtual Reality on Broadway is also officially open!

Congrats to UBC Emerging Media Lab for winning the CUCCIO Innovation Award!

Archiact’s Evasion hits E3

Congrats to the Evasion team for their successful first PS VR public demo! From what we can tell – it was a big hit.

Tiny Leviathan releases NIGHTSTAR: Alliance in Early Access

Have you picked up NIGHTSTAR: Alliance on Steam from the small and mighty team of TL? Check out their Steam page and let them know on Twitter what you think!

EYEMOLE shirts officially up for sale

The Cooperative had their second monthly General Meeting (which are open to anyone who’s interested in fun emerging technology with the promise of a fairer economy for all!) and the Augmented Reality T-shirts we presented at the VancouVR Fair are now available to purchase on Eyemole’s website.

Blueprint Reality’s MixCast updates are live

What’s coming up in July?

Interested in learning Unity?

Circuit Stream is running a free intro class on how to build VR and AR apps Tuesday, July 10, at 7pm. Circuit Stream’s model is based on student success, and our small classes are supplemented by 1:1 sessions with pro instructors.

You can let us know ahead of time what kind of things you’d like to build and we’ll work them into the free class:


The Vancouver VR Community is planning to host VR events within VRChat and Rec Room. Join us on Discord to coordinate!