Vancouver VR Community Monthly Recap – May 2018 Edition

Things are starting to heat up here behind the scenes with the VancouVR Fair organization team. Vancouver is starting to wake up from our usual Vancouver months of rain, and there’s a lot happening in the city in the upcoming months. Let’s have a look at the happenings!

Vancouver VR Community News

As of now, we are basically SOLD OUT of tickets for the VancouVR Fair. Our team is looking into expanding our capacity, but we’re not able to make any promises. All promotion codes for VANVR members have been spoken for. There’s a few tickets left, buy yours today!

In addition to the VancouVR Fair, we have announced that it will be the final event before the fall, as we are exploring other formats in the interim. We are ready to start talking about it:

  • Are you interested in Beat Saber?
  • Are you interested in eSports?
  • Is competitive gaming an interest of yours?
  • Do you have former ties to the likes of Street Fighter, DDR, Marvel vs. Capcom?
  • Are you into mixed reality, or Twitch streams?

Our team wants to bring Vancouver’s first ever VR tournament, in conjunction with Vancouver Street Battle’s monthly events. Interested in being a part of this? Email us at

Vancouver VR Updates

Steampunk Digital has been working with Shape Immersive on a project called “Kitty Kong”, play tested at The “CubeSocial” event, and to be fully revealed at AWE in Santa Clara. Check out the video on Facebook.

Virtro released towAR last week – a 2 player AR game – Free download available on iOS and Android. Virtro also updated Zombie Donuts for Oculus Go / Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard. And another great free to play game – No Horizon – recently updated for Oculus Go & Gear.

Archiact just announced that Evasion will be released on PS VR, with AIM support on Day 1! Congrats to the team. Read the full update on PlayStation Blog.

Circuit Stream is hosting an online workshop on June 12th! Not able to make it out to VancouVR Fair? Sign up to learn more about VR development!

End Space is now on Oculus Go, AND they have their own Twitter account! Be sure to follow it. They also launched their Discord server this week.

Are you looking for a new job in VR? Cloudhead Games is hiring. They also have the best image to show for it. Check out the full postings here.

Blueprint Reality released MixCast 2.0! Mixed reality without a green screen. You better believe it. Read the blog here.

Diversity news

One of our members Mandalena Lewis has created a community for flight crew who have experienced sexual harassment and assault at their airline company:

For more, you can contact Mandalena on Twitter.

Want to share a June highlight or something to look forward to in July? Send us your tips for our next monthly recap in June!