Return of the VANVR!

Huge thank you to Launch Academy for hosting our first event of the year! We are so thankful that Steampunk Digital also surprised us with a generous feast of Stretch Pizza – a local favourite. On 04.04.18 (we sort of planned the date on purpose), we had packed the space with our attendance despite the rain, THANK YOU for coming!

We had Archiact VR Games arrive with the HTC Vive Focus prototype, and people we so impressed with the untethered experience while playing Hidden Fortune: Unexplored, one of two North American launch titles for the Focus. We love Ed Lago for being so inspiring and supportive of creators, and he made sure to pipe in that if you wanted to develop something for the HTC Vive Focus, get in touch with them and show off your prototypes! Had a question for Ed that you didn’t get a chance to ask? Feel free to hit him up on Twitter.

We also had Virtro Games join the party with their new revamped Zombie Donuts, as well as their new pre-alpha squadron shooter on the Samsung Gear VR. They also announced their new instructional offerings at VRAR.Academy. Check it out!

Finally, we had one of our Global Game Jam teams join us to share what they learned from creating a VR experience within 48 hours. Organization was key, and they credit their ability to work together with the help of Slack, and file management. It was a lot of fun seeing so many folks try their experience because it was all about you having TENTACLES! So much fun.

We are still in the stages of planning our next event, but we hope to see you all next time!

In the meantime, be sure to join us on our online channels:

See all of you soon, and THANK YOU for supporting one another. Problem solving as a community is what’s really going to make virtual reality special.