Vancouver VR Community Monthly Recap – February 2018 Edition

Yesterday we announced something that has been brewing behind the scenes for the last month: the Vancouver VR Community has officially merged with VANVR’s Meetup and Slack! As major advocates for collaboration, we’re excited to lead by example by working together, and playing by our strengths to bring VR to Vancouver on a grassroots, community-focused level. Have you taken our short survey yet? Be sure to let us know what you love about the community, so we can make sure we’re headed in the right direction!

Let’s take a look at what you’ve been cooking up in VR in Vancouver!

Telus STORYHIVE Immersive Edition project grants announced

On February 19th, TELUS Storyhive announced its $40,000 grant projects! Not only did 10 projects get selected, but it went up to 13! Look out for more news on these projects as they are produced and put into production. They’ll be live this coming fall. Congratulations to all the winners.

Virtro Entertainment releases Run Dorothy Run

Massive congrats to the Virtro Games team for releasing the family-fun rhythm runner “Run Dorothy Run” on PSVR! Add the title to your PlayStation store wants today. Vancouver VR reviewer VRMY of DARKNESS wrote a review as well.

We’re looking out for a Steam release next! Congrats again Virtro!

devPuppy released Kitty Paradise in Open Beta

Indie dev devPuppy released Kitty Paradise in open beta this month as well. Get in touch with him for more info!

Blueprint Reality launched a Discord server

The team over at Blueprint Reality just launched a Discord server – check out some of the ongoings and content creations using Mixcast, and if you wanted to get started, the team is more than happy to help you out. Join today.

What’s coming up in March?

  • SFU Daijack Club is hosting a VR tech expo at the SFU Surrey campus on Friday from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. More information here.

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