Vancouver VR Community has merged with VANVR!

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Welcome to 2018! Our team hopes that everyone had a chance to catch up on all things family, friends, holidays, and of course, VR! (What did you get up to?)

Did you know that Mark Hamill knew the plot twist with Darth Vader for over a year and a half and couldn’t tell anyone? We can’t imagine how painful that was, and we’re glad we’re not in that position because we are about to spill the beans.

We’ve been quiet for a while but as we promised, we’re brewing up something awesome and it’s official:

The Vancouver VR Community is merging with VANVR.

What does this mean?

Only awesome things.

We are now officially the biggest grassroots VR community in western Canada with over 3000 members collectively on Meetup, Slack, Discord, Twitter, and Facebook.

When The Vancouver VR Community launched last year in April, we advocated for diversity, sharing and collaboration, and we hope to bring some of the VANVR Meetup members into our channels to explore. The Vancouver VR Community will still host free events, but we’ll also be able to offer some of the technical events we’ve always wanted to bring to the community.

VANVR has a Meetup and Slack, which were in high demand. When we first started the Vancouver VR Community, we reached out to Seattle VR, and they urged for collaboration. We are so excited to be working together.

The Vancouver VR Community branding (you know, the low-poly deer wearing a headset) will also be adopted by VANVR.

And we can finally change our short form from “VR Vancouver” to “VANVR”!

Will the Vancouver VR Community still host its monthly events?

Regardless of the VANVR merge, The Vancouver VR Community team found it unsustainable to run monthly events, especially during the summer months. We are happy that we ran monthly events for the first year because we learned so much.

We’d love to keep going this way, but we are going to focus on higher quality events. We are going to switch to the VR Austin format, and host bi-monthly (every other month). We’ve got tricks up our sleeves, though – so stay tuned!

Bringing the VR community together, advocating for immersive technology awareness, at the same time of having fun and learning is something VANVR and The Vancouver VR Community has believed in from day one – and together, we’re going to make the world of VR a great spot to be in, right here in Vancouver.

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