Vancouver VR Community Monthly Recap – January 2018 Edition

Happy (extremely belated) new year! From our team to you – we hope that 2018 has been great so far. It can be a challenge to get back to the grind, but with a lot of exciting VR news off the bat, reality and excitement is settling back in.

For those of you who weren’t at the Global Game Jam, we announced that as of January 2018, the ever-so-awesome VANVR Meetup community is merging with the Vancouver VR Community. What does this mean? Only awesome things! So, you may notice things being shaken up over the next few months as we transition, but we are glad we can finally stop being confused with one another! After all, we are after the same things: to unite a community who loves VR, and to advocate for diversity and inclusion.

Speaking of, the full Global Game Jam Vancouver VR recap can be found here. Check it out! Also, join us on Facebook to see the mega photo gallery.

January 2018 Highlights

End Space is officially on Oculus

Big congrats to the Orange Bridge Studios team for levelling up End Space, which was once a Samsung Gear VR experience into a bigger improved experience for the Oculus Rift. The Steam release hits in February, so keep on the look out for that! You can check it out here and get a discount for the release:

MixCast launches a FREE version, and a new and improved website

We were so stoked to have the Bens of Blueprint Reality on board with mentoring the Global Game Jam jammers, but they’ve been cooking a lot of stuff up during the holidays, including launching a gorgeous new website: They’ve also released a free version so you can test your setups – get it from the website!

Latest and greatest features:

  • MixCast Capture, which is a new way to make mixed reality content quickly and easily, from a large selection of VR titles (even without the MixCast SDK!)
  • A FREE version of MixCast Studio for VR creators and streamers of all kinds to test our their setups and SDK integrations
  • A new MixCast website at that showcases how MixCast can be used across education, VR arcades, VR Twitch streamers, and more!
  • MixCast Snapshot, which allows you to take screenshots at set intervals so you’ll have plenty of cool pics of yourself in your favorite VR experience, to share with the world

STORYHIVE Immersive Edition entries closed

We are so excited to see the turn out of the STORYHIVE Immersive Edition, which closed entries for 360 storytelling experiences this week on January 29th at noon. Grants will be announced on February 19th!

Archiact VR Games is teaming up with Secret Location to bring Blasters of the Universe to PSVR!

Arriving February 27th, Archiact VR Games announced they’ve been teaming up with Secret Location to bring Blasters of the Universe to PSVR. Another awesome title to add to your PlayStation library! Read more on the official PlayStation blog:

Vu: Defy Reality is now the VRARA Global Summit

Vu: Defy Reality has been repurposed for the VRARA Global Summit, in line with the intended industry-focus event. More news to come. Read the full release here:

Hidden Fortune: Unexplored now on Vive Focus in China

Archiact VR Games’ Hidden Fortune: Unexplored is a launch title for the Vive Focus in China – one of the first untethered launch experiences.

Academy of VR

The Academy of VR team gave an in-person workshop at The Cube before our Global Game Jam, and their courses are underway! For more information:

Upcoming in February

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