Global Game Jam Vancouver: VR Edition – Mentors Announced!

We are mere days away from our very first Global Game Jam site, dedicated to the development of VR games and experiences!

Global Game Jam is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, focus on something new, and push your skillset forward and learn new things over a weekend! Still not into the full swing of things from the holidays? (Don’t worry, we are feeling it too!) We think that this is a chance to kickstart your year towards goals, and fresh starts.

If you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet, register today:

FREE Unit basics workshop with Academy of VR

We wanted our first Global Game Jam to be as successful as much as we can help it! So, we are teaming up with the folks of Academy of VR to provide the VANVR / Vancouver VR Community a free workshop with all the Unity basics to help you get started for creating in VR.

It takes place on Thursday, January 25th at 6:30 PM at The Cube!

Come meet other jammers, get a feel for your working space for the weekend, and of course, don’t be shy and ask Academy of VR all the questions! They are here to help you get started, so take advantage of the opportunity.


Sunday MixCast Support

For those wanting to implement MixCast with their VR experience, we are so happy to have Ben and Ben from Blueprint Reality on board to mentor and help folks on how to implement mixed reality in their project.

Have you seen the amazing green screen room at The Cube? It’s perfect for mixed reality with MixCast!

Virtual Reality is notoriously difficult to showcase and present. MixCast solves that problem by helping people showcase experiences from inside VR.

MixCast blends real people with virtual worlds to create compelling 2D content from VR applications in real-time. An audience can now overcome the isolation of VR by viewing a person immerseed in VR on a television, monitor, projection screen, or mobile phone.

MixCast provides a quick and simple one-time setup, and works across every supported application with no additional configuration, making it the premier choice. Use MixCast coupled with your VR experiences to build stronger human connections today by replacing avatars, cartoon characters and first-person-views with real people.

SensoryX VRFree Glove System

Did you know that we are a selected site for the Global Game Jam gold sponsor SensoryX’s VRFree glove system?

SensoryX provided us their documentation for this unreleased and new hardware, so be sure to email us at if you are interested in creating and designing a game around these gloves, and would like a head start on reviewing the API!

Join our Slack and Discord

We are always encouraging collaborating and sharing, and because we are shutting down at 11:00 PM each night, we will allow for open channels for those who are more of a night owl!

Our #ggjvanvr channels are now LIVE!

Global Game Jam Vancouver: VR Edition Mentors

We are thrilled to announce the mentors who will be a part of Global Game Jam Vancouver: VR Edition! We will have sign-up sheets on site to ensure that everyone has the opportunity for one-on-one time.

(In alphabetical order)

Antony Stevens
Cloudhead Games

Antony is the multi-hat-wearing community manager / designer hybrid at Cloudhead Games. When he’s not championing Steam forums, he works closely with developers on VR-centric design and QA, with a specialty in narrative. His first project with Cloudhead, Heart of the Emberstone, released in October to critical acclaim. You can bug him on twitter @thermyy, or keep up with the studio @cloudheadgames.

Ben Sheftel
Blueprint Reality

Ben Sheftel has been creating video games from a young age, and has a rare cross-discipline blend of experience in 3D modelling, game design, and software engineering. Ben has been leading engine, code and tools development from the outset and rapid expansion of both the Mobile and VR markets. His work includes JEOPARDY!, Red Bull Air Race, Bike Unchained, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, and Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, in addition to leading technology development in the User Experience and VR groups at Roadhouse.

Ben’s experience with 3D art provides a robust foundation for tool and pipeline development, and his intense passion for the gaming and technology industries has him always seeking newer, more efficient approaches to game development.

Ben Sullivan
Blueprint Reality

Ben “Sulli” Sullivan has been working in games for over ten years including stints at Electronic Arts, Relic Entertainment, United Front Games, and now Blueprint Reality. A Project Manager first and foremost, Sulli has a broad range of experience including web development, analytics, systems administration, quality assurance, and video production.

Cameron Oltmann (Remote on Slack/Discord)
Cloudhead Games

Cameron is a programmer at Cloudhead Games. Before this he was a solo indie and contractor. His skillset is focused on programming and VR development, but he’s well-rounded and knows at least a little bit about pretty much every aspect of games and game development. His first solo release was Nock: Hidden Arrow, which launched in November of 2016. He’s most proud of Cloudhead’s The Gallery: Heart of the Emberstone, which was released this past October. He’s on Twitter as @CodeBison, but you’ll probably find the studio’s feed more interesting at @cloudheadgames.

Check out the games here:
Heart of the Emberstone:
Nock: Hidden Arrow:

Janet Chen

Janet Chen is the Co-founder of AGDA VR, the largest student group for VR and MR development at UBC. She works closely with students, faculty, and industry professionals to create immersive education and research tools. In the past, Janet has contributed to UBC’s Emerging Media Lab as a Developer and taught at the Immersive Tech Lab as the Lead Instructor. Currently, she is the Director of a VR studio specializing in education and animal ethics. Learn more on Janet’s website:

Jordan Brighton
Virtro Entertainment

Jordan is a pioneer in Augmented and Virtual Reality video game production. Combining her love of tech and storytelling to create truly immersive experiences. Soon to launch a VR rhythm runner game for Playstation VR, Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

Virtro is her 4th business adventure, with over twenty years experience running companies and leading teams in web, marketing, television and video game production.

Always thinking outside the box, Jordan is an innovative problem solver with strong organizational skills and attention to detail. Intuitive, optimistic, hands-on, adaptable, and results-oriented with a strong ability to communicate effectively.

She has award-winning business and marketing experience, as well as technical, networking, coding and database abilities. A natural leader, with an easygoing, laid-back style that promotes teamwork, communication, interaction and achievement.

Josh Blidook
Mythical City Games

Josh Blidook is a Games Programmer currently working at Mythical City Games on VR Titles for Vive, Oculus, WinMR, and PSVR using Unity as the Engine in the Industry for 2+ years, helped put out four VR Games in 2017 and is a chronic member of Vancouver’s IndiePod (Game Dev Community)

Nathan Griffiths
VR Journalist

Nathan Griffiths is a visual journalist, with a focus on immersive storytelling and data visualization. He was a graphics editor at The Associated Press, where he led a team of developers, designers and visual journalists covering breaking and global news events. At The New York Times, he was a video producer for The Daily 360, a year-long project producing 360 video in the newsroom.

Nathan has spoken on virtual reality and 360 video and numerous conferences, including SXSW and the World Media Congress and has trained journalists and non-profits around the world in the use of 360 video technology.

He has a Masters in Journalism from the University of Hong Kong.

Twitter: @njgriffiths

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