Thank you for sharing what #VRdiversity means to you!

This week, we hosted our final event of the year, and we even had Women Who Code Vancouver alongside with us! We were so thrilled to have a diverse panel of women, all from different industries including blockchain, education, operations, gaming, amd technical art. We also had sneak previews from local women-led projects such as Run Dorothy Run from Virtro Entertainment (scheduled to be released next month), and Evasion from Archiact VR Games (coming in Spring 2018).

For the first time in Vancouver VR Community history, we were so thrilled to be able to offer a substantial and proper dinner for our guests, including gluten-free, vegetarian and some limited vegan options too, from Fujiya to Pizza Garden to Freshii. We had vegan bites from 2 Guys with Knives, and a custom made carrot cake from the VVRC Captain’s childhood best friend. (We weren’t kidding that this event was a labour of love!) Massive thank you to our sponsors that made this possible:

  • Archiact VR Games
  • BLAST Program
  • Radical I/O
  • Blackbird Interactive
  • Adrian Talens
  • Bomber Brewing
  • 2 Guys With Knives
  • Jen and East Van Roasters

Our sponsors are really awesome

If you’re looking for work, be sure to check out Blackbird Interactive! The studio and team is really excited to be working on a new AAA title, so be sure to check out their jobs page to see if something looks like a good fit for you!

We were really happy to have Archiact on board for this event, the studio is making waves with their “Women of Archiact” series, and we could be more proud of them to give a spotlight on their talented chops! Follow along Archiact on Twitter for more!

Speaking of women of Archiact, Anne-Marie was the latest and greatest installment and we included a tiny sneak preview of her work… CVR is now re-branded as Vu: Defu Reality!! Our team is really looking forward to seeing the new industry-focused format. Check out the full website for all the details!

We were also excited to have Erin Athene travel all the way from Vancouver Island to introduce the BLAST Program, a really admirable project that our team wants to see succeed with impact. Did you miss Erin’s introduction?

Purpose Five and the Discovery Foundation are creating the Business Leadership, Acceleration Strategies, Technology (BLAST) Program to accelerate the development of female leaders in tech. We believe that significant shifts can happen when women collaborate, share their experience, and learn from one another.

You can find out more information about the program at

If you are a Woman in BC Tech (manager level or above), we invite you to please take 5 minutes to fill out the BLAST questionnaire. We’re interested in finding out what current mentoring or support you’re aware of, including any groups, organizations or one-on-one support, as well as what resources you feel are missing

BLAST Program will also be hosting some events in December alongside a few organizations (including us!)

  • Online Technical Workshop: A Look Into VR (2 dates available)

    First Session: November 30th from 1:00 – 2:00 PM PST
    Second Session: December 7th – 1:00 – 2:00 PM PST


    Further details and registration information will also be available on BLAST’s landing page

    First Session:
    Facebook Link:
    Registration Link:
    Registration links will also be found on landing page and facebook event

    (Second session information will be on landing page when available.)

    First Session: FREE until midnight on Monday, November 27th, then $47 CAD afterward.
    Second Session: FREE until midnight on Sunday, December 3rd, then $47 CAD afterward.

    Note that if someone pays for the first event, they’ll be emailed a discount code for the second event should that person not register for it for free by Dec 5th.

    Brought to you in partnership with The Discovery Foundation, Purpose Five, and the Vancouver VR Community.

  • Mentor Speed Dating for Women in Tech

    Are you a woman interested in being finding mentors for Business Leadership, Acceleration Strategies, and/or Technology?

    Join us for a night of speed-dating style networking with Women Leaders in Tech. Learn from industry experts in Vancouver, BC – one of the biggest tech cities in the world!

    What: An in-person mentor speed dating experience with Women Leaders in Tech.

    When: December 11th from 5:30-7:30 pm PST.

    Where: Registration and location details will be available on BLAST’s landing page soon.

    Cost: Free!

    Brought to you in partnership with The Discovery Foundation, Purpose Five, and in collaboration with Women in Communications and Technology BC.

And we weren’t kidding when we said #VRdiversity was a labour of love – our very own Adrian Talens sponsored this event to make sure we could offer as much as we could to our attendees. He worked on the music in Skytropolis with Mythical City Games, so be sure to check that out – AND! He did the music for Steven Universe’s Dreamland Arcade available for your mobile.

Were you able to check out Radical I/O‘s table? In case you missed it, Radical I/O is looking to get in touch with VR360 content producers who would like to use their solution to showcase their work. is a branded mobile app solution add-on, perfect for clients. Sound like you? Get in touch with Trevor!

It was our first time hosting a panel, and while we can admit there were some areas that needed improvement, we can say that overall, it was so enjoyable, and we hear you loud and proud – next time, we will allow more time! Our team was able to capture the panel, so stay tuned in 2018 for a release of our event archives!

Be sure to check out our panelists’ work!

Janet Chen is working on Rats!: an educational virtual reality tool for high-school level animal dissections. Our VR studio partners with Animals in Science and Dr. Elisabeth Ormandy to deliver the highest level of educational technology to students.

Liz Jaluague has exciting news to share from Academy of VR! They will be hosting a FREE introduction workshop on December 14th! Register today. If you’re ready to dive right in, Academy of VR’s Full 10-Week AR/VR Development course is beginning its 4th Cohort on December 28th. It’s hosted online Tuesdays & Thursdays (1.5 hours) with one-on-one help for one hour each week. Register here: Eastern or Pacific. Follow Academy of VR on Facebook and Twitter. Also! Be sure to check out Liz’s newest project – Spydermix!

Evasion from Archiact VR Games!

We were thrilled to have Evasion’s very own senior producer Jennifer Dowding be a panelist as well as taking the helm to introduce Evasion! We loved hearing about how the representation of body types in their hero models was a priority, as well as diversity. Thank-you to the entire Evasion team for making waves not only in VR but in games as a whole!

Virtro’s Run Dorothy Run is coming out next month!

Did you love playing Virtro’s rhythm endless runner game? We love that this local team is cooking up new genres, and we’re LOVING that electroswing soundtrack too. Keep up-to-date leading up to the release on their website, and Twitter.

“We need to help each other and be the water that raises all the ships.”

Massive thank-you to Tommy Lewis (Technical Evangelism Director), and Carina Kom (Women In Games/Crashwave Games) for MC-ing our event, and bolstering the need for inclusion and diversity in tech. It’s a message that we care for, and we couldn’t have put it in better words.

Did you see our #VRdiversity mural?

In case you missed the 5×3 poster board papercraft mural, we would like to announce that this is an ONGOING PROJECT. Our diversity initiative doesn’t stop here.

We are happy to announce that our Google Form for #VRdiversity is PERMANENT, and next month, we will be sharing all the responses we’ve received so far, in case you weren’t able to read all of them on the wall!

Want to contribute? Share your thoughts here!

This isn’t good-bye, this is a “see you later”

As we mentioned before (and like, over and over again), #VRdiversity was our final in-person event of 2017. We won’t be returning until 2018. We aren’t even sure when exactly, but we need your help.

From now until January 2018, we are looking to hear from you. We wrote a “How did the Vancouver VR Community do in 2017?” survey, that covers need for feedback in the following areas:

  • #VRdiversity feedback
  • Monthly event feedback
  • Online platform feedback

The survey right now is completely anonymous, and we are looking for what you want to see. What should we keep doing? Where should we focus more of our efforts on? Is there anything you would like to see?

From our team to you – we truly believe that Vancouver has a potential to be a premiere VR hub for all of Canada. We think we’re close, and we could even punch our goals to the sky and aim to become a global name. These are just words though – what does that mean to you? Vancouver is making cool projects? We have some money being invested into businesses? What does being a VR hub mean to you?

To our team, we want to get VR into the hands of everyone who is curious. We want to provide the freedom and courage for our community to express themselves, not only in VR but in every day life. We celebrate people, we celebrate technology, and we want to celebrate with you. We are so proud to watch friendships form, new development projects have a life of its own, and bringing awareness to issues that make us grow and become better people.

In May, we hosted our first event and had no idea what we were doing, and in the last month, we were fully supported by like-minded organizations and our friends to host an event that was over four times the capacity.

This isn’t good-bye, Vancouver VR Community, we’ll see you later in 2018. You know where to find us. We’re always welcoming new members to share their work and opportunities on our Facebook Group, we’re showcasing Vancouver VR projects on our Steam curator, and we’re solving problems together on our Discord.

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