AFTER the VR afterparty!

What happens when some of BC’s top academic institutions and leading researchers collaborate with the Vancouver VR Community? One amazing, unique VR/AR showcase that highlights an entire spectrum of industries.

SFU Innovates, Centre for Digital Media, University of British Columbia (ICICS), University of Victoria joined forces to pull off a special afterparty, following the SPLASH workshop on “Software for Augmented and Virtual Reality”. Appropriately based around AR/VR technology, we had everything from performance art to video gaming to historic storytelling to virtual dissection for student education .

The full roster of talent:

  • CARIS Lab, UBC, Industrial Robot Programming in AR
  • Centre for Digital Media and University of Victoria
  • Emily Carr Basically Good Media Lab
  • Eyexpo
  • LlamaZOO
  • Mythical City Games
  • SFU iSpace Lab
  • SFU iVizLab
  • Steam Punk Digital
  • Virtro

We had a special guest MC Tommy Lewis, Technical Evangelist Manager of Microsoft say inspiring words about the AR/VR/MR scene in Vancouver. Our community always knew it was unique, but having Tommy speak from his experience and travels helped us understand what we really have on our hands. “Business and companies have all sorts of ships, but without water, where can they go? It’s community that is the water holding up all our ships, and that is so key to the growth of VR.”

As a young community, the Vancouver VR Community started growing its roots in April of this year, and to have the support and sponsorship of SFU Innovates, Centre for Digital Media, University of Victoria, and University of British Columbia (ICICS) – it’s a massive impact to start on the expansion of the Vancouver VR Community’s mission statement of not only spreading word on immersive technology, but to teach the world about inclusion and diversity and why a large array of voices is crucial to build VR in its early days.

Check out the FULL photo gallery!

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