We did the mash! We did the MonstVR Mash! It was a VR smash!

I was working in the office late one night, when my eyes beheld an impressive sight for my monster from its mixed reality began to rise and suddenly to my surprise….

That’s how the lyrics go, right? Needless to say – what happens when folks who have an interest in virtual reality come together for a SOLD OUT party? A whole lot of fun at 65 members in attendance. We had an AR photobooth, a ridiculous skeleton for everyone to selfie with, a bunch of Halloween treats including pumpkin pie, sushi platters and pizza thanks to the help of Blueprint Reality and Northway Games – not mention incredible and valuable talks from Archiact VR Games (Hidden Fortune team), Bad Cookie Pictures, and the crew from Blueprint Reality who brought their insanely wonderful green screen set up with the world premiere of Heart of the Emberstone from Cloudhead Games to boot!

We want to thank all our volunteers for making this event happen and look top shelf – without you, we couldn’t make this happen!

Weren’t able to make it due to change in season flu going around? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Archiact VR Games

We were so fortunate to have the Hidden Fortune team share a little bit about their process and what they learned developing and releasing for the mobile VR market. VR is so new that there aren’t a lot of talks available for port-mortems, so the information they shared was priceless for the community.

We learned how the game was shaped over time, pricing schemes, when and when not to announce, how to get the support of platforms you’re releasing. If you’d like to follow Ed Lago on Twitter and ask some questions we weren’t able to get, have at it!

Learn more about Hidden Fortune:
Play the first chapter for free:

Bad Cookie Pictures

From traditional film to the new world of 360 filmmaking (in horror!), we were able to learn about some tricks on filmmaking in VR, from perspective to needing more push for practical effects and not relying on post (finally!). Ariel even tried to use herself as a “dummy body” but her neck was getting too strained and it was difficult to not get her face in the shot – the challenges for VR filmmaking are a throwback to the days of experimenting and we love it.

Follow Bad Cookie Pictures on Facebook:
Follow Bad Cookie Pictures on Twitter:
Make sure you get to see Bad Cookie Pictures’ VR film debut at the East Van Showcase! This Sunday, October 22nd at the Rio Theatre.

Blueprint Reality

One major treat of the night was seeing a live calibration and set up of MixCast VR Studio. The applications for mixed reality reality are endless and far beyond just streaming VR games on Twitch – we can use it for education, training, and even some fun events! The BC Tech Cube had an opening last week and Blueprint Reality was a part of creating a live ribbon cutting ceremony experience… IN mixed reality!

We love the idea of giving everyone a chance to cut the ribbon, and it was just a whole lot of fun!

Calibration was simple and even though Blueprint Reality brought in their massive green screen, you don’t need a green screen to use MixCast as it can take note of your environment and work around it. After set up, Ben showed how environment effects such as lightning affect the subject and we were all floored and gave our best WOOOOOOOOO!!! OK it actually sounded like that!

Of course, we had the pleasure of having Blueprint Reality demo Heart of the Emberstone for some lucky community members, and if you missed out, fear not because Cloudhead Games released Emberstone TODAY! Be sure to pick up from where you last left off on your Gallery journey, and delve into the next chapter.

Get Heart of the Emberstone today on Steam:
Get MixCast VR Studio:
Follow Blueprint Reality on Twitter:

Blueprint Reality’s very own CTO Ben gave a talk at Austin Unite, so be sure to look out for the video later this month!


Jessica, the festival director of YVRFF is prepping for the 2018 year and is looking for volunteers and people to collaborate and work with. We speak from experience – Jessica is fantastic people, and doing some incredible things for VR in this city.

Learn more about YVRFF:
Follow YVRFF on Twitter:

TELUS Storyhive

We had a surprise treat…. We learned that Storyhive will be looking for VR creators very soon! We’ll share more details as they come!

Mythical City Games

JJ and Chuck of Mythical City Games came by and gave us a special sneak peek of Skytropolis, a vertical mega city building sim! We love games that make use of scale in VR, and can’t wait to see more!

Learn more about Skytropolis:
Wishlist on Steam:

Pumps in full force

How friggin’ cool is it that so many people in our community inspire each other and just want to play on their own? Our volunteer team helped set up our extra spoopy edition of decor, which led Julia’s AR Photo Booth to make for some fun photos!~ We even had Aaron (of VANVR) and Steampunk Digital and scanned our table! (Good thing he did because we forgot to capture it in its glory! And before EVERYONE PICKED OUT THE COFFEE CRISPS AND KIT KATS!!!)

Thanks for signing our guestbook!!! #GetShrekt

Our cover is looking wonderful with all the local tech company stickers!!! Bring yours for our next event because we love having everyone together in the form of a book!

So, what’s next?

If you missed it, we’ll be working with SFU Innovates, Centre for Digital Media, University of Victoria, and University of British Columbia to host a special VR showcase after party, following the SPLASH workshop in the afternoon.

Get your tickets here!:

What about the next Vancouver VR Community event? This one is near and dear to our hearts: We are ending the year proper with a special joint event with Women Who Code, focusing on diversity in VR:

Save the date! Tuesday, November 21st at Mobify.

And in case you didn’t know who Kial and Melissa were dressed up last night… We’ll leave this right here.

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