Last night, class was officially in session!

We’re seeing endless tweets about people stepping on fallen leaves and hearing that satisfactory crunch under their feet, the condition of the classroom and getting back in the groove, and of course, that iPhone X (do you say “eks” or do you say “ten”?)… Needless to say, the Vancouver VR Community stands by your autumn back-to-school crunch, and we dialed our talks up just to get you warmed up!

Weren’t able to make it, or simply forgot some of our presenters’ contacts? Fear not!

Academy of VR

Co-founder of Academy of VR, Lou Pushelberg gave our members a warm introduction to the courses they offer, and how they help empower students to create, learn, and collaborate. The Academy’s courses are online, but offer a well-connected learning interface that make learning streamlined, creative, and “human” by means of being able to interact with your classmates.

Starting on September 20th, Academy of VR is accepting enrollment and they have a special offer for us locals! Be sure to use the code vancouver to get a sizeable discount! Enroll today.

Did you have a question for Lou and didn’t get a chance to meet him? Feel free to reach Lou by means of:

Dr. Ray Hsu

Our team was honoured to have Dr. Ray Hsu share his story and concept of leaving the classroom behind. There’s a big local buzz about games in VR (which we absolutely LOVE), but what about education? In local tech circles, there’s always a push for finding/developing/making “the killer app”, meaning it’ll be the app to elevate virtual reality into a highly adopted mainstream. Maybe we don’t need to find it and it’s been sitting right in front of our faces: education. How VR is going to change and impact education for us to learn, experience first hand… Education is the killer app. Virtual reality is going to tear down educational silos.

There’s no way our team can sum up Dr. Ray’s wonderful and very well-received presentation, so please be sure to read Trek Magazine’s article on “Leaving the classroom behind” where you can learn about what the UBC Emerging Tech Lab is exploring in the realm of learning.

If you wanted to follow Dr. Ray, or ask him more about VR and education, reach out to him on Twitter (@TheWayofRay), and be sure to check out the other organizations he has helped build:

Mythical City Games

We were so honoured and thrilled to have special guests JJ and Josh from Mythical City Games present a live coding session in Unity. They showed exactly how easy it is to create your own small interactive experience for virtual reality. There’s so many free tools Unity and SteamVR’s interaction system have that are accessible to even entry-level creators. The Unity Asset Store also has so many free assets that creators can use freely. In about 15 minutes, JJ and Josh built a small interaction. Live. In front of our very own eyes. Needless to say, it was complete magic to a lot of us, and even to seasoned devs working in other worlds of code and programming, Mythical City Games inspired new creators.

If you were interested in some of the tools that JJ and Josh shared, check out:

Impressed with Mythical City Games as much as we were? Be sure to try out some of their VR games on Steam:

Developer Spotlight: Osso VR

We were happy to have Matt Newport back with the community, this time as our developer spotlight. He showed off the full potential in the OssoVR surgical training experience.

OssoVR is a finalist in the EdSim Challenge, presented by the U.S. Department of Education. Let’s cross our fingers that Matt and his team gets the well-deserved win!

The Identity Lens Project

The Vancouver VR Community is of course passionate about the technology bringing us all together, but something we are really trying to promote and support is inclusion and diversity. In the summer, we were on the look out for tech companies that were celebrating the same thing, and were left with no response. This is unacceptable.

Michael Caswell, a former game developer has recently pivoted his focus from games to education, community and diversity. He was able to live a comfortable life, but watching minorities, women, POC not get treated the same as him left him unsettled. He is striving for social change. He wants to get the youth involved, inform society at a young age so toxic views don’t win in the future.

Thank-you Michael for sharing your story, and we are looking forward to seeing what the Identity Lens Project produces in the (very!) near future. Be sure to learn more at:

Join the metaverse discussion!

Organized by Peter Kao, David Genest, Aaron Hilton and Alan Goldman, be sure to join the discussion on building the metaverse at the newly minted Cube on Railway.

This is an open discussion with a simple introduction in the beginning, followed by several questions that we’ll go around the room to talk about.
We’ll cover topics like:
– What do you think the metaverse will look like?
– What issues are preventing it from happening today? e.x. technological, sociological, etc.
– Are there any solutions in the horizon to resolve those issues? e.x. crypotgraphy, blockchain, etc.
– What impact will the metaverse have on humanity? How will it change us?

Register today!

Special thanks

Thank you to our volunteers Noah, Julia, Liz, Feral, Rita, Tarek for helping us with running the event. We were down two organizers, so your extra care and effort in helping us set-up was so appreciated. Huge thank you to our sponsors and partners Mobify, Academy of VR, VanChan, Archiact VR (for sponsoring Hidden Fortress keys!), Mythical City Games, Immersive Tech Lab. And most of all, thank you to our members for making this community happen and sharing your passion. We hear each and every one of you loud and clear, and we build our events around the community’s voice. Keep sharing, keep collaborating, and keep being passionate. We are here to share all of that with you.

Until next time!

We loved the living heck out of our presenters, but one thing we really missed was being able to demo VR for our newcomers. (And if you weren’t able to give it a try, please come out again next time!) While we can’t say too much about our next event, we will say that we are going to focus October’s event on being more social and interactive. We are currently planning some contests and building in VR sessions. Also, it’s close to Halloween, so of course we are making it acceptable for costumes to arrive in style! That’s all we’ll reveal for now!

Please join us on October 17th (Tuesday) at Mobify!

Want to help us? We are currently looking for:

  • original assets so you can take a selfie with your own creation in our AR PHOTO BOOTH
  • volunteers to let our guests in at the door
  • volunteers to help us with set-up and teardown
  • volunteers to help with our pizza run
  • content bolstering diversity and inclusion
  • anything you would like to show off and share!

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