Thank-YOU for a great summer send off!

The fact that we can get any people at all away from the summer sunshine and heat means that virtual reality is on the map for folks, and last night proved it. We had a night of sharing knowledge and what we’re working on, a ton of laughs, demos of local content, and making new friends and connections.

Firstly, we received overwhelming amounts of positive feedback for the team of Polygon Dust Games, who also was in the Developer Spotlight for this month. It was so great to have them share their experience with how the game was designed, how they split up tasks, and of course, how it was launched! All from a team of two, it was (needless to say) absolutely inspiring. After they were able to demo Batter Up! VR for a huge crowd, and with our new TV display on our teams’ demo rig, it made it all the easier and fun to share the experience and fun together.

Want to learn more? Be sure to:

  • Check out Batter Up! VR on Steam
  • Follow Batter Up! and Polygon Dust Games on Twitter
  • Check out the dev blog for more information on their journey

Secondly, when we threw the mic over to our members… We were floored at everything going on in the city! Thank you so much for sharing, and helping get the word out. Here’s a few highlights in case you weren’t able to make it:

Google Developers Group, Cloud Vancouver DevFest

The folks and organizers of GDG Cloud Vancouver DevFest made it to their first Vancouver VR Community event, and were excited to see virtual reality buzz. In the same tune, they are looking for someone to speak from the VR space at DevFest in October, so if you’re interested and want to learn more, definitely get in touch! They’re a great group of people and a pleasure to work with.


Not able to attend SIGGRAPH? Jessica Glass (who also helped organize YVRFF) is throwing a social event at Fortune Sound Club next week! What’s the low down?

CRAFTGRAPH is the tech-culture intersection where like-minded explorers of the digital frontier can come together
to socialize and network, share ideas, and potentially spark future multi-disciplinary collaborations over a frosty pint of craft brewed beer.

Timed to take place around the tail-end of Siggraph, one of the world’s most premier technology conferences, CRAFTGRAPH is positioning itself to be the premier social event to attend on the Vancouver tech scene.

Free to enter, RSVP today on the CRAFTGRAPH Facebook event!

Noah Van Buhren

After our team tore down and had our post-mortem, one thing that kept coming up was Noah. Noah came to one of our events for the first time, completely new to VR, and in a mere two months, he did it. He actually did it: Only in two months, Noah modelled and picked up Unity and CREATED SOMETHING FOR VR! He was able to show off his prototype at our event and the community couldn’t be more proud. We’re looking forward to what Noah does next!

Lit Tech Studios

Ting stood up with so much energy and proudly announced a baseball game that her team over at Lit Tech Studios is working on. Never mind the simple *just* throwing, or *just* batting, Strikeout VR is going to change esports by bringing full actions into VR. We’re really looking forward to this one!

Learn more over at:

A new initiative and project from Scott of VRTOGO

Scott has helped us so many times with sponsoring the use of his VR rig to demonstrate VR to new folks, he’s taken the task of interviewing some of our guests, and we’re happy to see that Scott recently teamed up with Adam to begin planning stages of creating for VR as well.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with VRTOGO on Facebook, or fill out this Google Form which shows some of the ideas they are exploring.

“It was like an infection” – a story we could all relate to!

Master storyteller Arlen told the anecdote of him setting up his VR station at a campsite, and while he had some family members try it out, soon enough, there was a massive queue of 40 people all curious to try it out.

“I want to see the whale.”
“I want to paint in the air.”
“Show me this space game.”

Our members laughed and smiled because we know exactly how that works. Arlen compared it to an “infection” (which was absolutely hilarious) and he was Patient Zero. Thank-you so much for that story, we’re all glad to be Patient Zero with everyone!


Organizer of VanVR, Aaron Hilton, popped on by to his first Vancouver VR Community event and we were so glad to high five and meet him! We’re really looking forward to future collaborations with VanVR, and in the meantime, if you want to see what VanVR is all about, they are hosting a MiXR with drinks and demos over at the newly minted Cube.
Get your tickets here

Next week: VRARA X BrainStation Event

We are happy to announce that the folks who are putting on the “VR/AR Vancouver | A Panel Discussion On Virtual Reality” event have offered our members a discount to attend!

Get your tickets here and use the code VRPANEL50 to get 50% off!

HUGE THANK YOU and our next event

Another huge thank-you again for our members who make our events as great as they are. Every month we’ve seen something new, something unique, and progress and it’s been so special to really collaborate and share this journey together.

Thank-you to our guests speakers again, our sponsors Mobify and Breakout VR (Annebelle Creation is out in theatres now), and hope to see new and familiar faces at our next event: Tuesday, September 12th!

Save the date, we’ll be posting the event soon!

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