Our first multiplayer night at Breakout VR was amazing!

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Remember the time where our team overbooked our really awesome sponsor’s venue by accident? Welp… that was last night. Typically, we always get some no shows with our RSVPs, so what we usually do is increase them slightly. We had 8 out of 12 rooms booked for our event, and we made our RSVP limit 25… Don’t ask exactly how it happened, but we had 26 incredible and fun members pop by – all from different industries, different walks of life, different exposure to VR, and of course, a great range of diversity turn out.

Some of our lucky attendees got to try out the Virtuix Omni, a peripheral that allows you to walk in your VR space with the help of some frictionless footwear. And of course, we had groups coming in and out of Smashbox Arena, Raw Data, Rec Room, Arizona Sunshine and more. It was a rewarding experience to be able to play with the people we know from the community, it’s a huge change from walking into a public game, where you’re not quite sure of who you’re playing with, and unsure of what their behaviour will be like.

Let’s face it: VR is awesome…. But VR is even more awesome when you can experience it with your friends.

Because we overbooked, we had some time to mingle and hang out. Breakout’s centre room boasts high skylight windows, a massive space, and two couch areas where you can surf the web, or play PlayStation 4. There really can’t be a more perfect beautiful space to hang out in.

With that said, we’ll be hosting another multiplayer night later this year, most likely in November before all the year-end celebrations! And if you’re already itching for more VR, be sure to come out to our next event on Tuesday, August 22nd. Breakout VR has also provided us some Annabelle: Creation swag to raffle off!

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