Vancouver VR Community Monthly Recap – July 2017 Edition

We hope you’re enjoying your summer as the sunshine is in full swing across the city! Despite the temptation to hit the beach, or stay indoors to catch up on the big blockbusters at the air-conditioned cinema, our local creators and community have been busy!

Our team hosted our third event last week, again at Mobify HQ. Based on the feedback from you, we’ve decided to book at Mobify again since it’s an incredible space for our presenters, socializing, and of course, the ability to set up multiple room scale VR demo stations! Read all about it here. We’ll be hosting our fourth event on Tuesday, August 22nd so make sure you save the date! We’ll be announcing details soon.

In addition to our monthly event, we’re also hosting a multiplayer VR game night with our friends from Breakout VR. They have kindly offered our community members a discount, so we’ll be hitting up the land of Richmond soon! Make sure you join the Vancouver VR Community Facebook Group to secure a super limited spot!

For anyone interested in purchasing mugs, shirts, or jumpers to support us (we receive a small royalty), there’s now a 20% sitewide sale on Design by Humans. Not only can you pick up our designs, but you can check out other talented artists, or save on the Vancouver Twitch Meetup swag as well. Visit our shop and enter the code BTS20 to get your discount!

We are currently looking for sponsors who can help us keep our events going, so if you are interested or know a company that may be, please get in touch! If you’re not able to provide financial support (which is all good!), please consider supporting us by:

Now let’s have a look at the happenings this month!

July 2017 Highlights

  • Polygon Dust Games released their first title Batter Up! on Steam. The team also did an AMA on Reddit. Be sure to follow the team on Twitter if you want to learn more!
  • Dr. Tony Bates attended one of our events and he shared his thoughts on VR in the educational realm. Thanks Dr. Bates!
  • Andy Klein and the Microsoft Vancouver HoloLens team joined forces with Shawn Hunt to create Transformation Mask, a wonderful fusion of technology and First Nations traditional art. Check out the official website for more.

  • Dr. Rachel Ralph is looking for an industry partner or partners to match some Mitacs funding on her postdoc VR project. Info below. Please email her ( or Twitter @therachelralph) if you are interested. Participate as the industry partner on the Mitacs Accelerate funds which is: “Mitacs Accelerate” This funding is for Rachel’s postdoctoral research. An alternative option if this is not possible for your company alone is to work with a few companies and the cluster project. Project description: Create an interactive mixed reality installation for high school students as they interact with historic artifacts at the Royal BC museum
  • Orange Bridge Studio has exciting news for End Space…. It’s coming to PlayStation and the store page is officially live! Check it out. The launch date is for September 19th, and you can check out the pricing details on PlayStation’s official blog. Way to go, team! We’re looking out for this one!
  • Academy of VR shared a video with one of their students, Tyrell Lewin! If you are interested in learning how to create for VR, Academy of VR offers workshops designed for beginners. Be sure to look out for their workshops on our event calendar if you are interested!
  • VRARA Vancouver is starting to showcase thoughts on VR/AR with different companies. This month they sat down with Intergalactic. Read all about it here.
  • The Cube by BC Tech has opened its doors and are looking for small to medium sized companies to move in with membership in the form of minimum cash and in-kind commitments over a five year period. If this interests you, reach out to Dean Prelazzi at or 604-551-3701 to see if your company qualifies.
  • The VRMY of DARKNESS team finally published their first thoughts on the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap. Both Adrian and Kial are using it at their VR demo stations for our events so if you’re interested in trying one out for yourself, be sure to attend one of our events!
  • Metanaut VR is working on an amazing project with UBC. They are researching and creating VR field trips. Read founder Peter Kao’s blog post about creating a Stanley Park walk around with full screencaps – it looks absolutely phenomenal!

What’s coming up?

Thanks for being a part of this awesome community, and be sure to help us make our events even better by filling out this quick feedback survey! We’re taking your feedback and applying it immediately to our event on August 22nd.

Want to share an August highlight or something to look forward to in September? Send us your tips for our next monthly recap in August!

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