Is it going to be the beach, or hanging out in VR? HUGE THANKS for showing how much this community means to you!

Did you attend last night, or want to attend our future events? Give us your feedback to help us make the best events possible!

MASSIVE THANK YOU to all of the community who came to show their love and support for this emerging tech, creativity and new friends! Without any of you, we wouldn’t be able to make our community as amazing and incredible as it is.

Last night, even though some of our members fell ill (watch out, there’s a plague going around in the city!) and despite competing against the temptations of hanging out on the sunny beaches… We came in at 70% capacity, with a lot of new faces.

Some helpful prototyping tips!

One of our incredible, talented members Julia presented some helpful resources on how devs can quickly prototype visual aspects using Microsoft’s Paint 3D. Way to go, Julia! We absolutely loved your quick demo! If you missed her presentation, check out how can you use your Paint 3D creations and bring them into Unity:

For more information, check out the How to get the Windows 10 Creator Update post on Microsoft’s official Windows blog.

VRTOGO’s journalism project

Scott from VRTOGO is beginning a journalism project on interviewing and showcasing local Vancouver developers. He’s already interview our team, and he’s looking for more folks to get in touch with. Reach out to Scott over at his VRTOGO Facebook page.

Help support local filmmakers Bad Cookie Pictures!

The awesome duo behind Bad Cookie Pictures announced some exciting new projects they are working on including immersive narrative! They are hosting The Bad Cookie Midnight Movie Telethon this Thursday on July 27th! Check out the Facebook event page to join in on the fun and support Topher, Ariel and their crew!

Their Indiegogo campaign is still running, and you can follow Bad Cookie Pictures for more on their YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Are you planning on attending GDX? Call for presenters and creators!

If you’re interested in attending the GDX VR Symposium in Edmonton on September 16th, both GDX and Red Iron Labs are looking for speakers, as well as Canadian VR creators to showcase:

It’s official: we are the fastest growing inclusive VR community in the city!

We are proud to announce that our original Vancouver VR Community Facebook Group has reached OVER 500 members! Nearly four fold from when we expanded our online platform.

In light of the unfortunate news of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, we want to stand up once again and share our stance: we are an inclusive, diverse community. We extend past our appearance, the colour of skin, our gender, our personal orientations – invisible mental illnesses impact a massive population. Those who suffer from anxiety and depression often feel that they are a burden; at times they don’t feel that they are welcome, or that they don’t belong.

We fight against that: mental illnesses or not, you are welcome to the Vancouver VR Community.

We support you. You are awesome. You help make the community awesome. Everything you do is awesome. And you make the world awesome.

What’s next?

A huge thank you again to everyone who takes part in this community. Thank you to our volunteers: Noah, Tucky, Arlen, Julia, Scott. Thank you to our sponsors: Mobify for providing an incredible space that allows us to set up multiple demo stations, VRTOGO for setting up his HTC Vive and lending his knowledge for VR newcomers, Breakout VR for raffle prizes, Cloudhead Games for lending us their super sneak preview of Heart of the Emberstone, and Make Real for giving us exclusive access to Loco Dojo before its official release!

The Vancouver VR Community is officially looking for sponsors who are able to provide food and beverages, or any financial support that allows us to keep our events as lively as we can make them. Please get in touch over at if you would like to work with us.

And lastly, SAVE THE DATE! Our next event is on August 22nd at Mobify. Same bat time, same bat channel!

Help us make the best events that we can: share your feedback!

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