Gathering # 3: Pizza, Prototyping, and Chill – Announced!

We guarantee you that only the Vancouver VR Community can bring those three words together: Pizza, Prototyping, and Chill.

And when it’s hot outside, you can count on us to provide fun and air conditioning. We’ve got you covered (fam).

Last month, we moved into a bigger space out of absolute necessity. We are the first of its kind inclusive virtual reality community in Vancouver, and we are growing fast. We had experimented with some lightning talks, and this time, we are experimenting again.

This month, we are switching it up. Josh Blidook – a developer who worked on Snow Fortress – will be sharing his thoughts on prototyping in VR as opposed to physically, then we will launch right into a discussion forum where we pass the mix to our group where we can discuss and collaborate.

Every feedback survey we have received has a request for more food. As we are providing free entry, it’s been a struggle to meet these demands, but thanks to the generous donations from our members, we can now provide pizza for our next event. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed.

We are introducing the Developer Spotlight where every event, we will feature a developer and their work on our demo stations. July’s Developer Spotlight will be focused on Cloudhead Games, and we will have a special sneak preview of Heart of the Emberstone before the title launches in September.

Join us again at Mobify which is located at:
725 Granville St #420 in Vancouver

Full event details and RSVP on Picatic – and tell all your friends on Facebook!

Thank you to the community for making this adventure of exploration of VR the best: being able to share enthusiasm, collaboration, and of course, making new friends and connections is something to be celebrated.

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