Lightning strikes! HUGE THANK YOU for making our second event incredible!

We want to build this community together. That means everyone has a say – tell us how we can make July’s event even better!

Last night, we threw our biggest event to date. (Well, granted that there’s only been two, but out of those two, last night’s was the biggest!) We are way up in our attendance, with 60 RSVPs on our Picatic page, and 58 arrived. Not bad considering the summer time crunches we’ve been hearing about! One thing that we will relentlessly boast about is our diversity: we had folks working in real estate, animators, wedding photographers, seasoned devs, beginner devs, filmmakers, high school teachers… There is no doubt that we have the best VR community; we are intensely rich and humbled to have so many different voices.

We are proud to announce that we received enough donations to bring the same snacks and beverages for our next event, as well so huge thank-you to everyone who was able to donate.

If you want to help support our community financially, please consider picking up official Vancouver VR Community merch at our new shop on Design by Humans. Our team will receive a small royalty, which will go straight back into the community events.

And of course, if you aren’t able to donate, you can help by:

  • inviting your friends to our community
  • being a part of the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Discord
  • just coming out to our events!

And another huge thanks especially to our speakers: Matt Newport and Hammer & Tong.

Talks were a new thing for us and we were thrilled to have a mix of different content, that was so valuable for our members. If you were interested in learning more from Matt’s talk on Hand Track Controls in VR, be sure to check out the full 30 minute presentation from VRDC 2016:

If you want to learn more about Matt Newport and his work, be sure to check out Osso VR, his blog, or you can email him at:

If you were interested in attending June 18th’s East Van Showcase by Hammer & Tong, check out the event page on Facebook. You can also get in touch with them if you were interested in participating in their first VR crawl on Commercial Drive, happening the day before on Saturday, June 17th.

Huge thanks to our community members Bart, Adrian, Kial, and Matt for bringing out their personal Vives and Oculus Rifts to make our events possible. Thank you to our volunteers Arlen, Ruby, Tarek, Scott, Kat, Rhys for helping us with setup and teardown.

And of course, the Biggest Thank-You Of Allâ„¢ goes out to our community members. Thank-you for coming, sharing your thoughts on VR, having fun, showing your love for this time of immersive tech. All of you rule!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again next month, on Tuesday, July 25th – same bat time, same bat place (it’s at Mobify again). We’ll be posting up the details closer to the date, so keep your eyes peeled for it! And again, please help us make our events as awesome as we can get them. We want to hear your voice – fill out our short feedback form.

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