June is filled with rainbows and goodness!

Please join us by supporting our LGBTQ friends. Take incidents of hatred as a way to teach others. Let’s educate and progress.

Vancouver VR Community supports Pride Month

While Vancouver doesn’t have its own Pride Parade until Sunday, August 6th later this summer, our community wants to stand up and support Pride Month. In our virtual reality community, we are passionate about hearing everyone’s voice. We believe everyone has something to say, and something to offer. Some of us can take seemingly simple ideas like marriage for granted, but for our LGBTQ friends and family – it’s not as easy, and in the worst case scenarios: impossible. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done. We stand with you, proud to be by your side.

We now have a shop open!

We know, we know – it took our team a little while longer than we had wanted. Some of you who had met us at CVR were asking if there was anywhere to purchase shirts with our logo on it. We went back on forth on whether we should print them ourselves for cost efficiency, or go with another provider, and ultimately, we decided to go with Design By Humans. In full transparency, our team will get a small royalty from the sales, however those royalties will go straight back into the community. We will remain a non-profit organization.

For those who are familiar with Twitch Vancouver MeetUp, their merchandise is also with DBH, and because our team has limited resources – we really want to make our focus on our members and how to make this community the best in the west. We trust Design By Humans to deliver the best product, with trusted mail delivery service that we might not be able to provide.

Also, ending today (unfortunately), Design by Humans is offering FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING ON APPAREL – so if you want to save yourself a bit of cash, order today!

Our second ever event is TOMORROW and it’s bigger than ever!

So we threw our first event in May and we were floored… Our second event is tomorrow, and our team is even MOAR floored – if you thought that wasn’t possible! (I certainly didn’t!) If you haven’t already, RSVP here – there are less than 5 tickets available and yes, there is a capacity!

We have expanded into a bigger venue, and our RSVP count is already twice the size of our first event. It’s going to be better than ever, so let me share a little bit of the low down to prepare for tomorrow night!:

  • Want to volunteer? We are meeting at 6PM (doors at 6:30PM) for setup. We are looking for folks to help with chairs, VR station setups, snack arrangements, as well as security at the doors. Please get in touch over Facebook, Discord, or Twitter for more details if you are interested and available.
  • Remember how we said we were figuring out food? Well, the closest we could get was snacks and beverages. We will be providing a raw veggie platter with dip, Munchies, Chicago Popcorn Mix, and cookies. We will also have five 2L bottles of Coke, Coke Zero, and Ginger Ale. BYOB and potluck is still encouraged for those who will be attending in lieu of their routine dinner!
  • For those who attended our first event – instead of a roundtable, we will be doing a Show and Tell session. Everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts or projects. For developers who have a demo on hand, feel free to bring it on a USB device and get in touch with our team ahead of time if you aren’t able to bring your own VR rig!
  • Donations are welcome! Our events will always be free, but donations are encouraged to help fund better food options and beverages in the future.
  • ARRIVE ON TIME! Our speakers will begin at 7PM. Lastly, our Code of Conduct is in full effect. Please review it. Basically, be cool, be professional, be respectful.

Thanks so much for sharing this lovely month of June with us, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! If you aren’t able to make it tomorrow night, our next event will be on July 25th. Mark your calendars!

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