HUGE THANKS to the community for making our first event incredible – our team is FLOORED

We need your help! Let us know in our survey what you want to see at our future events!

What kind of timeframe allows for a Throwback Thursday? Is two days OK? Maybe? In either case, just two days ago, the Vancouver VR Community threw its first event on Tuesday, May 16th. The Biggest Thank-You Everâ„¢ goes out to they sponsored not only a venue to help us get our ship off the ground, but they provided our members pizza and beverages.

Community members Adrian, David, Kial, and Lee kindly sponsored the use of their personal hardware so we could demo experiences on the HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR (and the new controller!), and Google Daydream.

Did we mention we had the most hilarious off-brand cake for everyone? Get a load of this thing:

We came 40 members strong in attendance, and in our roundtable of introductions, we learned that folks from all backgrounds – filmmakers, sound designers, art teachers, animators, developers (from web to app to games), enthusiasts, students – all on board, in the same room.

We are so proud that we have a richly diverse community… Which brings our team to discuss some of the recent controversies in the VR world. As some folks might have read in the news, there was a lawsuit filed against a notable VR company for sexual harassment and discrimination (and this is unfortunately putting it lightly). Our team was completely disappointed and offended over the disgusting behavior reported. We do not condone any type of discrimination, and those who plan on exploiting other members for any reason will be banned from our community: our online platform and our monthly events.

Our team is dedicated to our Mission Statement boasting strength in diversity, and we also stand by our Code of Conduct, which is tried, tested and true by VR Austin, a long running established community. If you experience any type of behaviour that is outlawed in the Code of Conduct, please do not hold back: tell us immediately. Our Twitter DMs are open for anyone to message, our Discord #mods channel will always have someone to speak to you, and lastly, our email is hello[at]vancouvervrcommunity[dat]com.

The future in virtual reality is bright if we all work together. In our opening remarks, we discussed that one reason why VR is so exciting is we are witnessing major collaborations between companies, studios, competitors – we want the same collaboration reflected in our community. One of our team members mentioned that this community needs to be like a mosh pit: if someone falls, you help them get back up.

The Vancouver VR Community is both humbled and honoured to have such a brilliant crowd for our first event. It’s an evening we won’t soon forget, and we’re looking forward to seeing all of you…. On June 13th. SAVE THE DATE!

We won’t be creating the Facebook Event until we receive feedback, so please help (humour) us and send us your thoughts, whether you were able to attend our first event or not! Thank you!

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