Gathering #1: The Alpha Beta Session – Announced!

It was so awesome to see some familiar faces from our Facebook Group, Discord, and our Twitter at CVR 2017. Even some of our friends that we met on Reddit were all the way from Beirut and hugs and high fives were given! A lot of us forge wonderful friendships and relationships that exist online, but being able to spend moments together in person is special as a community.

This brings us to creating our first gathering.

Expanding our online platform was one step, but we also want to expand our community in another way: hosting accessible, inclusive VR gatherings. We want to keep fostering this community, continue supporting each other in our learning in VR creation, and promoting what is being created in this city.

What will be there?

  • At least one HTC Vive that you can demo your work on, or introduce your friend to VR with
  • At least one Google Daydream
  • An inclusive, and safe environment for all VR levels/interests
  • CAKE

Admittedly, this is our first event so we are applying minimal structure. We hope to gather more feedback from this first event, to learn how to make our future gatherings the best they can be.

The important details

Free admission? But how?! has kindly sponsored their space to help our community get started. They have a brilliant team, full of wonderful people, and we are extremely thankful.

Our team is also sponsoring the use of our own personal VR hardware to make this possible. We’re also buying the cake. Because cakes are great.

It should go without saying, but please join us in thanking everyone to make this possible, and as a friendly reminder, our Code of Conduct will be in full effect.

Looking forward to seeing you all there, and thank you for joining us on our adventure.

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