Community Member Spotlight – Anne-Marie Enns

We feel like the community knows a lot about our team, but it’s time that we hand the mic to you. Every couple of weeks, we hope to showcase our community members in our new “Community Member Spotlight” series. Whether you’re a VR enthusiast just getting into VR, or if you’re a developer readying your second release – we want to get to know about you! Let’s get to know each other.

Anne-Marie repping her PSVR love! (Photo: Provided by Anne-Marie Enns)

Hello, thank you for volunteering to go first! What’s your name?
Anne-Marie Enns

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am the Executive Producer of CVR 2017 – the Pacific Northwest’s largest VR/AR/MR Conference and Expo taking place May 5-7th in Vancouver.

What was your first VR experience like?
My first experience was on the Vive and I was blown away! I am not a huge gamer, and hadn’t really experienced anything like it! I still find it wonderfully overwhelming 🙂

Where do you think VR is heading? We’d love to hear your thoughts.
I love this industry – and love producing events that can bring together thought-leaders in this community. I don’t think we quite know where the technology is going yet – but enterprise adoption of it fascinates me and the practical use applications. I love the way that brands and films are using it in such creative ways – I am excited to see what is ahead.

How do you see VR developing as a scene in Vancouver?
I work in the VR scene in Vancouver, at Archiact, so I am immersed in this community. I am on the board of the Vancouver Chapter of the VRARA – a global group – and love to promote all that Vancouver has to offer in this space. I see Vancouver becoming a world-class city for this technology – we have the creativity and the talent, and it is great to have this group so that we can all work together to achieve these goals.

Are there any projects you’d like to share with the community? We’d love to see what you’re working on!
The big project I am working on now which is CVR – the largest conference and expo of its kind in this region. On Friday, May 5th we have an Industry-only day where we have speakers from Google, NASA, Microsoft, Within, Delta Airlines, CNN Digital, major VC’s and TONS of local talent taking the stage. Over the course of the weekend we have industry parties, developer workshops, developer parties, a huge expo with awesome demos and so much more. We are looking to put Vancouver on the map with this event and really feature the talent and the city. It is going to be awesome!

Where can we learn more about CVR?

Thank you so much Anne-Marie! We loved learning about your personal experiences in VR, and thank you for putting on an event for all of us VR lovers to connect, and share.

Now that we’ve learned a little about Anne-Marie, it’s time to learn about you! Feel free to share as much about yourself, your projects, and your thoughts on VR with our Google Form. We publish a new spotlight every two weeks, and we’ll work with you in advance before we publish. Looking forward to learning more about each other!

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