Comm before the storm

Is this thing on? (Yes.)

Our beastly Trello board.

For the last few weeks, our team has been working nearly every free moment away from our jobs and contracts to create a working, inclusive, accessible platform for the Vancouver VR Community. Our goal is to promote, foster, and introduce VR technology to folks of all levels, and interests. Whether you’re someone who is curious about VR and would like learn more, we are here for you! And if you’re a developer, hoping to connect with other devs, or gain some support, we are here for you too!

Our online platform is fully transparent, and our Discord chat server (please join us!) is open: there are no closed channels. If you want to be included in on what our team is doing, or want to help out too, we want to hear from you. Have a question about VR, or want to share some VR news? Share it! Our Facebook group‘s calendar is sourced from our members. Are you hosting a cool VR event, or want to share something with other VR members? Let’s build it together.

This is all of our digital dreams, of course, one of our goals is to host a monthly meetup with little to no admission that reflects our community: inclusive, creative, casual, fun, and open to all interests and levels. We plan on posting our events on Facebook, so be sure to RSVP if you are planning on attending. We’re trying out Tuesdays for the meantime in the same spirit of Cheap Taco Tuesday, and Cheap Movie Nights. Not that we’re cheap, but taco and movie Tuesdays are cool and we wanted to follow suit. Speaking of things that are cool, if you are at the Twitch Vancouver MeetUp this Saturday, be sure to find Chuck and Adrian of our team for some elusive VR Vancouver stickers/pins before we hit CVR!

While we are quietly live, we’ll be a little bit louder on April 25th: we’ll be making our official website announcement on Facebook, and Twitter, and we’re extremely grateful to have some giveaways on hand too. All will be announced soon. SOON™

In the meantime, our team is working to get everything looking as good as we can!

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